Top 4 Browser FPS Multiplayer Games (Free)

(for those who encounter issues playing these games on Chrome Browser, check the note below)

4) Counter Strike Portable

The All-Famous countr Strike! and It's on a browser!

Play Here

High Popularity and impressive Game Mechanics for a browser based game.
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2) Red crucible 2

Decent Graphics, smooth gameplay and a fascinating vehicules combat system!

Play here

1) Contract Wars
Contract Wars wins #1 for combining and perfecting aspects such as: powerful graphics, smooth gameplay, Questing system (missions), Guilds System and A skills System.

Play here

These games use either Adobe Shockwave Player or Unity Platforms; it's somehow impressive that some game's strong engines can directly be played through browsers, and most of all, they're Free and they do not require any download!

Side Note (Technical): For Google Chrom users, you would have to manually allow Unity.
How?: Simple type in:
 Then Click on Enable Npapi, this should allow you to be able to use Unity until Chrom officially shuts off its usage (September 2015).

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