Game Mods and Modders!

What's a Mod?
A mod, or a modification (video games) is an alteration of the official content of the game or the creation of new ones! Usually practiced by Experienced gamer's and third party developers.

Who can create Mods?
Modding (or modifying) is accessible to almost anyone with a minimum knowledge of game mecanics and sometimes programming language.
Modders can contribute a lot to gaming communities, from fixing bugs, re-balancing the game mechanics or sometimes even adding new content. It can even result in creating a whole new game, which was the case in the very popular MMORPG: DotA.

Most games support modding, but modifying the content in an online or multiplayer game can often be considered as cheating and can result in sanctions.

Example: The Famous Counter Strike Zombie Mod

References: Talented Modders and interesting Modding websites:

The Sims 3/The sims 4:
- Nraas
- Mod the Sims

Game Modding

Age Of Empires III:
Aoe III heaven

Dragon age: Origins /Dragon age 2:
Nexus Mods

Countr Strike:

The point of mods: Usually a more expanded, fun game-play, and sometimes fixing and repairing things that the original developers broke, other kinky mods are created for a more explicit adult content.

Did I leave out something interesting? well of course I did! If you think there's something that should also go on that list use the comments below.
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