Review: Dragon Age Origins


Dragon age is an RPG (Role Playing game), with a very long and flexible gamestory.
What's so special about this game is that are so many options and an amazingly extended world, you can change the story line by choosing between many decisions in game.

The gameplay:

Runs smoothly, the game is not laggy at all, even on wooden PCs it would still be playable.

The world is massive, the game is played in ferelden, a part of the tevinter emporium, as you travel through you will go to large forest, busy cities, underground tunnels and caves.
There are basically three modes in game:
-Exploring, moving your character(s) in the huge world of Ferelden, find treasures (weapons, goods, armor, magical items..), meet new characters, discover places and much more.
-Fighting, controlling your character(s) as you engage darkspawn, wild creatures, bandits, and countless enemies of every kind/gender.
-Conversing, talking to other people/creatures in game, trick your enemies, trade with merchants, talk to demons, citizens, soldiers, start romantic/friendly relationships and much more.

The graphics:

The graphics are very acceptable, not as good as it is in Dragon age 2 or other competitor RPGs but the details of the weapons and the creatures and the world are still very good. I saw no glitches in the graphics design even though I have played this game for a very long time (but this does not mean they do not exist).

The story:

One of the best story a Pc game ever had. An incredible length, the players can determine the story line by making many decisions (who to take as allies, who to kill, who to save)

The game gets dramatic at many points,you loose friends, you kill people who don't deserve to die, it can really gets the player's emotions to move at many occasions. And that's a huge +1 for a story based game.

The characters; There are many recruit-able characters that you meet in your adventure, along with politicians, bandits, demons, soldiers, citizens, elves and more.
Another great feature is that you can choose you origins, you can play as an elf/human/dwarf male or female, mage, warrior or rogue, this will partially change the story line, for example, other elevn characters you encounter will be more friendly to a player who chose to play as an elve and so on.
You can make differnet relationships between your main character and your other "party members" romance, friendship and unpleasant relationships are all possible to achieve.

GamersPoV Rating: 9/10 

- Decent StoryLine
- Strong Caracters interaction system
-Massive world and unlimited choices
Non that are really worth mentionning

Genre: Role-playing video game / Single¨Player
Platforms: PC, Mac, PS3, Xbow 360
Developpers: BioWare
Creators: David Gaider and BioWare
Publisher: Electronic arts
First release :Dragon Age: Origins November 3, 2009
Official website

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