Top 4 Browser FPS Multiplayer Games (Free)

(for those who encounter issues playing these games on Chrome Browser, check the note below)

4) Counter Strike Portable

The All-Famous countr Strike! and It's on a browser!

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High Popularity and impressive Game Mechanics for a browser based game.
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2) Red crucible 2

Decent Graphics, smooth gameplay and a fascinating vehicules combat system!

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1) Contract Wars
Contract Wars wins #1 for combining and perfecting aspects such as: powerful graphics, smooth gameplay, Questing system (missions), Guilds System and A skills System.

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These games use either Adobe Shockwave Player or Unity Platforms; it's somehow impressive that some game's strong engines can directly be played through browsers, and most of all, they're Free and they do not require any download!

Side Note (Technical): For Google Chrom users, you would have to manually allow Unity.
How?: Simple type in:
 Then Click on Enable Npapi, this should allow you to be able to use Unity until Chrom officially shuts off its usage (September 2015).

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Game Mods and Modders!

What's a Mod?
A mod, or a modification (video games) is an alteration of the official content of the game or the creation of new ones! Usually practiced by Experienced gamer's and third party developers.

Who can create Mods?
Modding (or modifying) is accessible to almost anyone with a minimum knowledge of game mecanics and sometimes programming language.
Modders can contribute a lot to gaming communities, from fixing bugs, re-balancing the game mechanics or sometimes even adding new content. It can even result in creating a whole new game, which was the case in the very popular MMORPG: DotA.

Most games support modding, but modifying the content in an online or multiplayer game can often be considered as cheating and can result in sanctions.

Example: The Famous Counter Strike Zombie Mod

References: Talented Modders and interesting Modding websites:

The Sims 3/The sims 4:
- Nraas
- Mod the Sims

Game Modding

Age Of Empires III:
Aoe III heaven

Dragon age: Origins /Dragon age 2:
Nexus Mods

Countr Strike:

The point of mods: Usually a more expanded, fun game-play, and sometimes fixing and repairing things that the original developers broke, other kinky mods are created for a more explicit adult content.

Did I leave out something interesting? well of course I did! If you think there's something that should also go on that list use the comments below.
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Review: the sims 4: Why were the players disappointed

Released on september 2014, The Sims 4, being a sequel to the massive sims 3, was a very much anticipated game.

The game however recieved sharp criticism from a big part of the player base for several reasons.
To start with, She Sims 4 offers less focus on content and more focus into graphics, the AI of the other sims is still.. questionnable and was not really improved. As for progressing, it's still as easy to get married in the sims within 10 minutes and to reach the career top within 2 days of gameplay. On top of that the game loses some major features such as toddler sims, patterns customizing and free world navigation.

Wether the exclusion of these features was intended by the developers or to be left out for later paid content, or in order to make rushed deadlines remains questionnnable.

On the other hand, the game does still offer interesting and somehow addictive gameplay and is already expanding with several expansion packs.

The new advanced Sims 4 CAS (create a sim tool)

[This is not a review of the game itself, more likely commenting the controversial reactions following the sims 4 release]

Genre; Life simulator / Single Player
Platform: PC / Mac
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developper: Maxis
Release date: 2nd of september 2014

If you like this review, feel free to share it, constructive feedback is and will always be appreciated.
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Review: Stronghold 2


Stronghold 2 is a decent strategy games when it comes to combining a interesting middle ages war game with the possibility to make an expanded and fortified medieval city.


the game offers: two playing modes: Peace and war.

In the war mode you can either:
-Play a siege game (defend a castle or take it down!) most of the maps are inspired from real castles or sieges.
-Play the lost king campaign: An exciting and quite long campaign in which you adventure to find your lost kind.
Play a custom game, a typical RTS (real time strategy) skirmish game where the goal is to defeat all of the enemy castles A maximum of 8 players and 4 teams.

 In peace mode, you'll either play the castle of sands campaign or play a custom game with no enemies but a few wild animals.
I hope you enjoy playing this game!

Note: SH2 isn't good when it comes to multiplayer LAN. The feature was removed at version 1.4


Graphics in this game are far away from being great or even decent, but the exciting gameplay  makes up for mashed-potato-like characters.

Gamer's PoV rating: 6/10
 - Interesting and Exciting Storyline at compaigns
 - Low Graphics, 
 - Somewhat confusing gameplay at first.

Genre: Historical Real Time strategy / Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Developer: Firefly Studios
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC
Release date: April 18, 2005

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Review: Dragon Age Origins


Dragon age is an RPG (Role Playing game), with a very long and flexible gamestory.
What's so special about this game is that are so many options and an amazingly extended world, you can change the story line by choosing between many decisions in game.

The gameplay:

Runs smoothly, the game is not laggy at all, even on wooden PCs it would still be playable.

The world is massive, the game is played in ferelden, a part of the tevinter emporium, as you travel through you will go to large forest, busy cities, underground tunnels and caves.
There are basically three modes in game:
-Exploring, moving your character(s) in the huge world of Ferelden, find treasures (weapons, goods, armor, magical items..), meet new characters, discover places and much more.
-Fighting, controlling your character(s) as you engage darkspawn, wild creatures, bandits, and countless enemies of every kind/gender.
-Conversing, talking to other people/creatures in game, trick your enemies, trade with merchants, talk to demons, citizens, soldiers, start romantic/friendly relationships and much more.

The graphics:

The graphics are very acceptable, not as good as it is in Dragon age 2 or other competitor RPGs but the details of the weapons and the creatures and the world are still very good. I saw no glitches in the graphics design even though I have played this game for a very long time (but this does not mean they do not exist).

The story:

One of the best story a Pc game ever had. An incredible length, the players can determine the story line by making many decisions (who to take as allies, who to kill, who to save)

The game gets dramatic at many points,you loose friends, you kill people who don't deserve to die, it can really gets the player's emotions to move at many occasions. And that's a huge +1 for a story based game.

The characters; There are many recruit-able characters that you meet in your adventure, along with politicians, bandits, demons, soldiers, citizens, elves and more.
Another great feature is that you can choose you origins, you can play as an elf/human/dwarf male or female, mage, warrior or rogue, this will partially change the story line, for example, other elevn characters you encounter will be more friendly to a player who chose to play as an elve and so on.
You can make differnet relationships between your main character and your other "party members" romance, friendship and unpleasant relationships are all possible to achieve.

GamersPoV Rating: 9/10 

- Decent StoryLine
- Strong Caracters interaction system
-Massive world and unlimited choices
Non that are really worth mentionning

Genre: Role-playing video game / Single¨Player
Platforms: PC, Mac, PS3, Xbow 360
Developpers: BioWare
Creators: David Gaider and BioWare
Publisher: Electronic arts
First release :Dragon Age: Origins November 3, 2009
Official website

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